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Hashtagio a cool social media tool worth checking out … (Social Media Examiner)


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Real Time Social Media Aggregation

A Platform to Maximize Social Media and Non-Social Campaigns – and Convert Social to Sales

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Step 1: Connect

Connect Search for content by @mention, #tag, page, channel, location or keyword.

Step 2: Personalize

display Moderate your social boards by combining popular social feeds with your easily uploaded non-social content, such as Ad Tiles and Shopping Tiles, to reflect your message, tell your story, and increase your conversions.

Step 3: Display

personalize Display anywhere by simply pasting the link provided to any webpage or URL.


social networks

Aggregate real time content from the most popular social media platforms. Then curate posts to tell your story and sell your products. Centralize your social assets in the home of your digital efforts – your website. Add powerful Fan Experiences and #hashtagged conversations to build loyalty, trust, engagement and turn visitors into customers. Upload non-social posts such as Ad Tiles and Shopping Tiles, to guide and stimulate conversation and direct visitors to points of engagement and conversion.


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Why Hashtagio?


  Drive inbound web traffic with social media content sharing, liking and commenting. Keyword Tag posts to increase SEO visibility and keep visitors coming back by centralizing your content. Increase participation on social networks by highlighting Fan posts.


  Immerse site visitors in a personalized, interactive brand experience. Enable users to search and find relevant content easily. Reward participation by highlighting Fan content. Upload non-social content such as Ad Tiles and Shopping Tiles, to increase engagement and drive conversions from your social media.


  Convert visitors to buyers by aggregating social media and making social posts shoppable, and linking them to items you sell. Drive referral traffic to conversion points such as affiliates, partners and advertisers. Show real time customers using your products to build trust and loyalty

Make It Your Own

Content Management


  • Search and sort by #tag, @mention, page, location
  • Content moderation
  • Keyword tagging for SEO
  • Menu creation
  • Add non-social content such as Ad Tiles and Shopping Tiles
Interactive User Experience


  • Feed categorization
  • Keyword search
  • Promote posts
  • Feature posts
  • Link a URL to make social media shoppable
  • Link a URL to uploaded non-social Ad Tiles and Shopping Tiles
Customized Pages and Themes 


  • Like, share and comment with AddThis! And Disqus
  • Plugin Google Analytics
  • Javascript widget for easy installation and SEO
  • Change themes and colours
  • Customize menus

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