Leverage Fan Experiences to Increase Brand Loyalty, Engagement, and Sales.

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Hashtagio is a powerful social content aggregation tool that lets you quickly build social media hubs from your own feeds, capture fan experiences as they post to tell your Brand Story or use as customer testimonials to increase online conversions. Stream live Twitter or Instagram feeds by #Hashtag at events to drive active engagement and participation or run powerful #Hashtag based contests that get your brand viral.

Hashtagio a cool social media tool worth checking out … (Social Media Examiner)



Why Hashtagio


Social Media Hub

Display all your social media feeds and content in one place. Increase your following by exposing site visitors to your network content, generate inbound traffic with active sharing functions, increase fan participation by displaying #hashtag content on social media walls or stream and display twitter and instagram posts from events to galleries inside your site. Centralize the conversation around your brand and keep your audience coming back.

Social Website

Turn your website in a social community. Display native content such as polls, surveys, awards, special offers amongst social content to create powerful storyboards that stimulate conversation and brand discovery. Unleash the power of #hashtags by showing fan posts and drive inbound traffic powerful shareable content. Tag posts to make both native and social content searchable within your site and deliver a personalized social web experience.

Social Commerce

Deliver a social content shopping experience filled with fan generated testimonials, native and shoppable content. Leverage the power of customers’ experiences in real time to drive higher conversions and greater engagement and participation. Take shoppers on a journey that builds their trust and fuels their desire to have what you are offering by showcasing your products in a page of customer endorsements . Tag posts and shoppable content to let visitors personalize their shopping experience with a dynamic and searchable social site.

How it Works

Build Hashtagio boards in minutes!

Step 1: Connect


Search for content by @mention, #tag, page, channel, location or keyword.

Step 2: Personalize


Moderate your board to reflect your message then select a theme and customize your colors.

Step 3: Display


Display anywhere by simply pasting the link provided to any webpage or URL.

Used by Everyone


Leverage Fan content to Convert more shoppers, increase retention and drive your message viral

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Small Business

The most effective Social Media and Web tool for Small Business

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Digital/Web Marketing

Leverage social content to drive conversions, inbound traffic and time on site.

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Leverage the crowd to drive brand loyalty, traffic and sales

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Social Media

Search and Display social media content everywhere

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Web Publishing

Build interactive, audience driven pages with endless content in minutes

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70% of consumers trust consumer opinions posted online … (Nielsen global trust in advertising report)



Inject real time, frontline perspectives on the persons, places and things you cover.

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Utilize your fans brand endorsements to build consumer trust and drive sales.

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Deploy “selfie walls” at events to build attendee participation and drive your message viral.

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How To's

Give first and third hand examples of best practices and expanded uses of your brand with pictures and video.

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Point of Sale

Use product reviews, testimonials and instructions to sell more product both online and off.

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Run #hashtag based contests to generate organic content and send your message viral.

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Plans and Pricing

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  • Unlimited Branded Boards
  • Free Trial
  • Unlimited Sources per board
  • Search by #tag, @mention, page and keyword
  • Content Moderation
  • Content Curation
  • Custom Themes
  • 1 Custom Board
  • Updates Every 30 mins
  • 30 Day Post Archive
  • Customize Theme Colours
$ 39 mth
Free Trial


  • Unlimited Branded Boards
  • Free Trial
  • 5 Custom Boards
  • Unlimited Sources per board
  • Search by #tag, @mention. location, page and keyword
  • Content Moderation
  • Content Curation
  • Control Source Links
  • Customized Themes
  • Searchable Tagged Posts
  • Upload Native Content
  • Multi Platform commenting enabled
  • Updates every 15 mins
  • 60 Day Post Archive
  • Fully Customized to your rquirements
$ 499+ mth
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  • Multiple Users
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Unlimited number of boards
  • Unlimited Sources per board
  • Advanced Search including multiple #tags, @mention + #tags and #tags + loacation
  • Content Curation
  • Content Moderation
  • Contests
  • Customized CSS
  • Searchable Tagged Posts
  • Upload Native Content
  • Enable Shoppable Content
  • Multi-Platform Commenting Enabled
  • Up to the minute Post streaming
  • 90 day post archival
  • Fully Customized to your requirements
$ 999+ mth
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