A #WestJetChristmas Story: WestJet Shares the Social Story of Miracles

A #WestJetChristmas Story: WestJet Shares the Social Story of Miracles

This past Christmas, the airline with a big heart set out to deliver 12,000 “mini miracles” and share the experience with their guests using social media and user generated content marketing. They didn’t anticipate the social and emotional ripple effect that touched not only the lives of their lucky recipients, but also their staff and customers at large. Their brand exposure expediently propelled well beyond that of 12,000 good deeds.

Canadian Airline, WestJet, realized the impact of social media early on. Using social media to showcase their unique brand personality, they created what came to be known as the “WestJet effect” so often written about in business and marketing media.

Once again, WestJet has demonstrated their ability to create meaningful experiences for their customers through social media. The trendsetting company took its caring culture and award-winning social media marketing programs to a new level during the 2015 Christmas Miracle campaign by curating and displaying LIVE aggregated social media feeds of activity on their blog using Hashtagio’s Social Media Aggregation platform.



Using Hashtagio’s social media aggregator, the airline was able to collect, tag and publish mini miracles with the hashtag #WestJetChristmas directly to the campaign landing page on their blog in real time. Creating a social network hub allowed them to engage their audience in real life miracle stories from multiple social networks, all in one place. Minute by minute.

The results were incredible.

On December 9, 2015, WestJet’s Blue Santa was filmed as he made his way from London to Halifax, then on to Toronto, Yellowknife, Vancouver and Honolulu in just 24 hours. Making miracles happen along the way, he encouraged guests to perform their own “mini miracles” in a desire to spread goodwill and cheer around the globe.

With a goal of 12,000 mini miracles (one for each WestJet employee), #WestJetChristmas became a mini miracle itself. It inspired a movement to give back, with over 31,000 mini miracles counted in the 24-hour period.

WestJetters posted their good deeds via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook using the hashtag #WestJetChristmas, and encouraged others to post and share miracles they inspired throughout the day.

Taking their campaign to an entirely new plateau, WestJet used Hashtagio to display aggregate social media feeds, pulling in posts, tweets, photos and videos with the hashtag #WestJetChristmas, from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They were then able to sort content by location and broadcast it all in real time from one high-volume, centralized social network hub on the WestJet blog.

You can see (and share) the mini miracle aggregate social feeds as they happened, here.

An Overview of the Social Network Hub

On campaign day, WestJet’s Command Center in Calgary tracked and displayed mini miracles live on the WestJet blog.

Throughout the day, multiple blog posts were shared with updates on the social media happenings from ALL social media channels using the hashtag #WestJetChristmas. The social network hub featured live feedback and sharing of user-generated content.

Campaign Results


  • More than 31,000 mini miracles were submitted using the #WestJetChristmas hashtag. The same amount of social media content was shared in photos, videos, tweets and posts to the WestJet campaign social hub
  • The #WestJetChristmas hashtag trended for 7+ hours on Twitter on mini miracle day.
  • During this campaign, the WestJet blog saw 182% more visitors who spent an average of 63% more time on site while visiting 6 times as many pages, compared to their 2014 Christmas campaign.
  • Over 35,000 social media post clicks were recorded from the live aggregated social media feed on WestJet’s mini miracles hub over 24 hours on December 9.
  • WestJet received more than 10,000 mentions on Twitter and Instagram.
  • WestJet attracted more than 127 million Twitter impressions and 10 million Facebook impressions.
  • The WestJet Miracle story was prominently featured in more than 2,400 media outlets including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Mashable, CBC, CTV, Global News, Marketing Magazine and more.


Why it Worked:

As CBC’s The National reported:

“After the December 15 release of the campaign video on YouTube, what WestJet has shown us is not only human kindness and the spirit of Christmas, but also that social media advertising works perhaps better than traditional marketing to engage and convert customers.”


By injecting real stories into their website, WestJet was able to give their audience the opportunity to consume more content there.

Research shows that people who consume more of a company’s content – either in their social feed or on the company’s website or blog – have a higher tendency to purchase from that company.


Other brands have followed suit in producing “emotional advertising,” but one of the many things we at Hashtagio can personally attest to from working with WestJet to help collect and share mini miracles, is the value of authenticity.

There was a true excitement and positive belief from the entire WestJet team as they carried out their unified campaign across the globe. And authentic messaging like that can’t help but draw people in. It’s simply irresistible.

View the full WestJet Christmas Miracle Social Media Case study here.