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Social Stories Drive Engagement and Transaction in Marketing Travel

As this recent Skift Article discusses, media brands and publishers are in the unique position to inspire travel decisions as traditional digital ads produce low conversion rates in comparison to the authentic stories, and “word of mouth” that has come as a result of the social sharing economy.

Understandably, media and social media channels will always play an important role in marketing tourism, but shouldn’t it be the travel brands themselves that place relevant, inspiring, personalized, real-time social stories at the point of sale?

The convergence of media platforms and screens, and the sharing economy has without a doubt altered the way consumers are researching and buying travel today.

How are marketers adjusting their website and content strategy to accommodate this?  The next big thing in marketing travel will have brands fully leveraging powerful social stories both the points of inspiration, and the point of transaction.


It is time for brands to re-claim the customer by delivering content that is what users expect:

Personalized: User generated stories personalized to desired user experience.

Real-time: Real examples of travellers who are sharing their experiences, alongside information about how to plan and book that experience.

Relevant: Website content that is current, with real-time social stories integrated and driving users to the point of transaction.


1.8 billion photos, 3.6 billion pieces of Facebook content, and 300 million Tweets posted daily  – all happening on social platforms not owned by the brand.


Smart marketers will leverage new technology, and social stories to take back the role of being the guide to the destination, product, service, instead of relying on intermediaries, media and other publishers to tell their stories.

Most brands need only to look at their Instagram followers to find true inspirational stories from brand ambassadors who are excited to tell them.


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Social Aggregation Platforms like ours www.hashtagio.com, (other solutions include; Stackla, TintUp and CrowdRiff) are the future for travel brands looking to fully harness the power of the social sharing economy.

Connect with us here to learn more about Hashtagio, and follow case studies of our users who are seeing returned website engagement, increased time-on-websites, and transactions – simply by leveraging their engaged fans to tell their stories.


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ABOUT HASHTAGIO: Hashtagio is a Searchable, Shoppable and Interactive Social Media Aggregation and Amplification Platform.  Connect with us at www.hashtagio.com, on Twitter and here on LinkedIn.


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